Fortune of Giza 

March 17, 2022

Pragmatic Play’s Fortune of Giza

Fortune of Giza is a game by Pragmatic Play that can surely tickle those in the Venn diagram who love slot machines and ancient Egypt. It is expected to be fully released in April 2022 after it was initially launched in Indonesia, Vietnam, and China. 

Theme and Setting 

The mystique of the era of pharaohs shrouds this colorful game, in which the oldest and only remaining Wonder of the Ancient World still standing is the dominating theme. In this video slot, the relics of the past glory of Egypt come back to life. 

Graphics and Sound 

The game is presented like an animated action series. The characters are well-drawn to match thematic music inspired by the popular movie franchise “The Mummy”. 

The winning spins have their own set of tones to add more to the atmosphere. The thrill of getting the bonus symbols is represented by a thumping tune. 

Overall, the sights and sounds are aplenty in this thrilling slot. 

Gameplay and Bonuses  

Fortune of Giza has a 5×3 board in both the base game and the Free Spins Round, which makes it highly recommended for novice players.  

Winning in the base game involves matching at least three symbols from the leftmost reel with 20 possible paylines available. The game’s biggest prizegiving icons are those related to ancient Egypt (such as the ankh, Ra, and Anubis). Matching five pharaohs in a valid payline can win up to 37.5x of the bet. 

The WILD in both the base and free spin features is symbolized by a ruby gem adorned with a scarab. Aside from serving as a substitute symbol, it also acts as a multiplier. 

Hitting three pyramids in front of a full moon (the BONUS symbol) triggers the Free Spins Round. In this feature, the graphics change into a 3×3 reel that gives the player a certain number of free spins. 

After all the free spins have been accounted for, the Free Spins feature starts. WILD scarabs that appear in the middle reels would remain until all free spins are consumed. 


The game has an easy toggle option for preferences. The game history shows previous runs. 

Its Information page provides everything the player needs to know about Fortune of Giza. However, the English version has not been released yet, which means some players would have to wait before that language becomes available. 

The game has a high RTP rate of 96.48%. 

In three test runs (using Autoplay of 100 spins and the maximum bet amount), one trial peaked at 120,000 worth of betting credit. This was due to a series of Free Spins Rounds that, at one point, produced more than 12,000 credits in a single turn. Other runs ended up just short of the starting credit. 

Overall, this game is unpredictable but enjoyable to play. 

YouTube description: Fortune of Giza is another ancient Egypt-themed offering by Pragmatic Play. Get hooked with gods and pharaohs in this thrilling video slot machine game. 

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