Fu Fu Fu

March 31, 2022

Fu Fu Fu Slot Game Review

What is better than having good luck? How about having good fortune three times over. This is what Fu Fu Fu, a Pragmatic Play slot, is all about. 

What is the meaning of the word “Fu”?

“Fu” is a Chinese character that means “good luck” or fortune”. This also means to give the game a try! 

How to play this game of luck?

The paytable on the game screen essentially illustrates the payout for any winning combination and the objective of the game at the same time. A winning spin consists of “Fu” characters show up in the middle of all three reels. 

A combination of three “Fu” symbols of any color gives the lowest payout, which is 5x the wager. Having all red icons show up would award the highest prize, 100x the bet. Other winning combinations are an all-green and an all-blue hit. 

With no other features, the game can be set on auto play without it stopping the spins for minigames. 


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