July 14, 2022

It is finally here!  Welcome to Snake and Ladders, a long-awaited twist on the traditional board game! 

There are plenty of lucrative bananas, gorillas, and of course, snakes and ladders themselves in the Snakes and Ladders Mega dice Slot Game. These symbols will result in significant payouts when they are landed across the 3×5 grid and 10 winning pay lines of the slots. If rolled with the slot machine’s wild multiplier dice, these could grow to be substantial wins for the player. 

In the thrilling bonus round, players must navigate a 12×12 game board that is covered in cash prizes, multipliers, banana cash upgrades, hidden shortcuts, and the more common board skipping ladders while attempting to avoid snakes. When you reach the top of the leaderboard, you will receive a massive 1,000x instant prize.  

Here are the details about Snake and Ladders Slot by Pragmatic Play. 

Snake and Ladders Slot Features 

In order for you as a player to know what to expect, here are detailed explanations of the various bonus features that can be found in the Snake and Ladders Megadice Slot; v

  • Progressive Feature 

With regard to the enormous snake sitting atop the reels, the progressive feature is involved. It has 11 distinct sections and the wild dice symbols can be found in each of them to make them active. More sections are activated when the die has more dots. 

  • Bonus Feature 

You can activate this feature in two different ways. You can get 12 rolls of the dice by first, activating every section of the snake. Secondly, the method involves getting three, four, or five scatters in a row. In this case, you will get 12, 14, or 16 dice rolls, respectively.  

In both situations, the player receives a gorilla token, and the layout changes into a massive 12×12 grid that displays the original board game. Each time the token is spin, two dice are rolled, and the token moves in accordance. Any one of the following symbols may be placed in each empty space on the board. 

How To Win Big on Snake and Ladders Slot 

Additionally, you can retrigger it if you complete the board. A so-called bet win guarantee is also included with the Snakes and Ladders Megadice Slot. To put it another way, if the total payout from the feature is less than 20 times the stake, a Special Rage Mode is triggered. In this case, the gorilla advances to the end of the board and collects all the payout in its path. 

Freespin and Another from Snake and Ladders Slot 

The free spin from Snake and Ladders slot is offered by Pragmatic Play. Another great value is the RTP at 96.68%. Also, it has a 5,300x stake maximum payout potential. The game has a high-volatility model that includes uncommon but high-volatility rewards. 

How Do You Think About Snake and Ladders Slot? 

Pragmatic Play as the provider definitely did a fantastic job with the appearance and visual design. Even though the retro 8-bit graphics may not be to everyone’s taste, they are unquestionably designed to fit the mood and general aesthetic of the game. Furthermore, the soundtrack and the eye-catching colors make it an even better experience. 

The game’s bonus features are undoubtedly fantastic. They add a lot of creativity and enjoyment to the game. Again, Pragmatic Play had a great idea to include the actual board game as a bonus feature. And you can also win some incredible rewards worth up to 5,300 times your initial bet. 

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