The Biggest Slot Win in M88 Mansion

August 30, 2022

The real jackpot pays out real money at Gates of Olympus Slot which is the biggest slot win in M88 Mansion

Today, we are going to share some intriguing information about real jackpot pays out real money at the Gates of Olympus slot game. It’s technically one of the biggest slot wins in M88 Mansion. As we know, M88 Mansion is internationally recognized as the leading online gaming platform in Asia. They have several markets in Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, and South Korea.

Back on the big win, this slot lucky player got a fantastic amount of jackpot. Can you imagine having $216,000 or equivalent with IDR3,318,000,000!! As the real money jackpot. This player must be so lucky and beam from ear to ear. FYI, this slot player is an Indonesian player. Must be a professional slot player.

What a lucky slot player!


Big win slot player at M88 Mansion IDR3,318,000,000 or equivalent with $216,000

How did he win the slot game?

Here we provide you with the recording of the video, click here for more details.

Slot games with real money payouts are still interesting to play and share. So, what is the best part? Of course, if you are the one who wins the game. The jackpot is the real thing and it is all yours. Slot game videos are popular games by far as long as you have good internet. We will find the real story about real money slot games at legit online casino websites, like M88 Mansion. Our team review this big win from the luckiest slot game player from Indonesia and here is what we’ve found;

Apparently, he placed his bet at IDR 1,500,000 and then slowly got the green scatters. Jackpot appeared twice in his game, once was hit 100x multiplier then 250x multiplier. Which finally made him earn IDR3,318,000,000.

What is the Gates of Olympus?

Gates of Olympus is a slot game from a well-known provider, Pragmatic Play. Based on our research, the Gates of Olympus slot game is quite popular in Indonesia. We have found an interesting term regarding the Gates of Olympus slot game which is Slot Kakek Zeus which means Grandpa Zeus slot game. Since it’s a popular slot game in Indonesia so no wonder there’s an Indonesian who got this winning jackpot.

Previously, we already reviewed Gates of Olympus here.


So we already knew, that the slot game is easy to change, so you have to be careful whilst playing this game. Use your money wisely to keep playing this slot game. Unless you if ready to lose or win a big amount of money. Chances are big when you bet with the big amount so a big win will follow, high-risk high return, you know. Or else, you can try playing at the minimum bet. Or, if you’re not sure, try the free version first. That’s a super wise statement that we can deliver to you as a slot player.

High volatility in this game can be a win or a loss for you, be careful with bets above 50x. Interestingly, Pragmatic Play provides the multiplier feature which makes the maximum multiplier 5000x. This is exactly what happened to that Indonesian player when he hit the jackpot. Once, he hit 100x multiplier then 250x multiplier. Amazing!

Our thought about the Gates of Olympus

Overall, we like the Gates of Olympus Slot theme, scatter, jackpot, and even loyal players from Indonesia. Combined with the wild symbol which makes this game unique and powerful slot gaming. You will definitely see and love new things in this game. So do not be surprised, Gates of Olympus is a slot game that is very popular in Indonesia, we mentioned the popular name already, Slot Kakek Zeus.

Gates of Olympus Slot
Gates of Olympus Slot

Are you the next Jackpot player at M88 Mansion

You can play Gates of Olympus and win the next jackpot on our recommended website, M88 Mansion.

What do you think about the lucky player that we talked about earlier?

Are you ready to hit the jackpot from this Slot Kakek Zeus? Don’t miss the chance to win! Only at M88 Mansion.

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