June 7, 2022

Aztec Gems Slot Game has a different ancient Aztec theme compared to the other Aztec Slots. There are some treasures with the golden touch, especially the visual graphic is also dominated by gold.  Do not worry, if you do not like Aztec Gems Slot Game then maybe you will like the other Aztec-themed slot games like Aztec King Megaways, Aztec King, and Aztec Bonanza

When you choose Aztec Gems Slot to play, then you would feel the dark forest atmosphere. Or if you are a fan of Indiana Jones movies, we predict that you will enjoy the game’s vibe. 

To be sure, Aztec Gems is the output of Pragmatic Provider. So don’t be surprised if there are several cinematic displays that steal your attention. For instance, when you start the game, you will be presented with the gates of the Aztec civilization. 

In this article, we will give you things that you need to know about Aztec Gems Slot. 

Aztec Gems Slot Gameplay 

Aztec Gems Slot has 3 reels with 3 slot lines and 5-win lines. Surprisingly, there are times when 1 symbol is randomly rotated and will show up on 4 reels on the display. So basically, there are 3+1 reels of the Aztec Gems Slot. 

As a player, you should take advantage of the website offers where you play the slot. However, it can be considered as a tip to win the game slot. 

Win Features For Aztec Gems Slot 

When you have chosen your favorite website to play Aztec Gems Slot, don’t forget to specify your bet amount. The minimum total bet is IDR 725 or the equivalent is around $ 0.05. Meanwhile, the maximum total bet is ID 1,450,000 or the equivalent is around $ 100. 

You also have to choose the coins you want to include in each of these game lines. There are 1 to 10 lines, then you can determine your bet amount. 

Furthermore, this game has a wild symbol and can replace all symbols. Tips from us, if you want to win for more than 3x then please place the wild symbol. 

Another feature of Aztec Slot Gems is the 50 paylines available on the 4×3 grids. Then, the RTP is categorized as a safe RTP to play because the normal category is only 96%. 

Aside from that, the volatility of Aztec Gems is in the medium category. That is, you can still get the statistic of victory. 

How Do You Think? 

We recommend Aztec Gems Pragmatic Play. It has the highest RTP and medium volatility. Moreover, when you start this game, the entrance shows huge gates of ancient Aztecs through your cellphone screen and PC. 

Don’t be surprised by the popularity of Aztec Gems which has been released since February 5th, 2018 because Pragmatic Play has a special place for slot players in Indonesia. 

The features that are presented with a 15 x multiplier are also interesting. The initial capital to play this game is not too much. But, if you are interested in big wins, you need big capital and so on. Remember, you have to know when to quit, and maintain your ego. 

So, you can prepare some little money to have an extraordinary experience with the atmosphere of the Aztec Civilization in the Aztec Gems Slot Game from Pragmatic Play. Don’t forget to register on a trusted and well-known website, so you can easily withdraw your winnings. Good Luck! 

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