Game overview – Egyptian Fortunes

June 10, 2022

Egyptian Fortunes Slot Game Overview

In this ancient Egyptian-inspired video slot powered by Pragmatic Play, we go back again to Giza’s pyramids in search of big wins.

Form a line with the symbols as well as the deified animals that abound to hit the big win, with a variety of games that will surprise you to no end.

Egyptian Fortunes Theme, audio, and visuals

One of the most celebrated man-made structures in history (and the lone Ancient Wonder still standing), these glorious pyramids are cloaked in myth and secrecy that include tales ranging from supernatural, as well as being symbols of power and wealth.

With that in mind, it’s not hard to see why the pyramids have become one of the most used themes in gambling, as in the 20th century when it was claimed to be a treasure hunters’ paradise.

As you are only guided by the flames inside those dark and deep chambers, the imposing face of the Pharoah would surely set you back not just in fear, but also out of respect for his legacy as you search for the treasures that will make you swim on infinite fortunes.

Egyptian Fortunes by Pragmatic Play

The game is designed with high-definition graphics that give it a superior feel, with the bonus feature of recreating those pyramids in a three-dimensional fashion. The treasure chamber of the Pharaoh’s pyramid overflowing with gold and adorned with torches is the fitting background to the intricate game window, with typical ancient pay symbols.

A traditional Egyptian soundtrack is accompanied by the usual reel and wins count noises (clanking coins and up-tempo music, which is a Pragmatic Play trademark).

Gameplay features that you will love

You can forego this part if you have ever played any of the regular-themed slots.

Search the pyramids for Egyptian Fortunes™, on a 5×3 playing grid that can be played by everyone. To get a payout, match at least three of the same symbols from the leftmost reel, forming one of the 20 winning pay lines.

You can play this game either with a spin per click or use an auto-play feature where you can have up to 1000 spins with a single click. Depending on that, you are on your own on how to play well and responsibly.

The base games have all the symbols you need (ranging from the normal ones to the ancient gods such as Anubis, Hathor, Horus, and Bastet, up to the Pharoah himself), plus the wild (marked by the two cobras on an Ankh) that will fill up the needed normal symbols in the game.

Energy Spins. What is that?

Energy Spins are the name for the extra spins, where you can get a certain number of spins after. In other words, it is like the bonus feature inside the normal gameplay where you can earn more while the normal spin counter stops. Winning from the normal spin serves as your base for this.

This feature starts in the case of the combinations of a certain number of symbols that are respins.

Five energy spins will become available if there is a combination consisting of five symbols 10, J, and Q.

Four energy spins will become available if there is a combination consisting of four symbols K and A, a dog, and a bird figurine.

Three energy spins will become available if there is a combination consisting of three symbols in the form of a cat, a bull, and a pharaoh.

The Bonuses that we love with Egyptian Fortunes.

Get the pyramid symbol on the odd reels (one, three, and five) and the bonus feature will be triggered, where you can get your six free spins.

After the pyramid has been reconstructed in 3D, a sacred scroll will pick three regular symbols randomly that will be your key to more big money wins, with the same 5×3 grid to be played there alongside the wild symbol.

Hitting the jackpot…maybe not

Hoping for a high reward after staking everything for it. Turns out you will be disappointed with it at most.

Despite the default RTP (return to player) rate of 96.5%, the max jackpot is only capped at more than just 300x of your bet, which is a massive letdown if you ask me.

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